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Currently, SIC, your premier insurance provider, offers comparable rates for our Group Medical or Individual plans - right-sized and tailored just for you. Ever cognizant of the diverse needs of our people, we have carefully crafted policies that will satisfy the discerning client, who is intent on combining various aspects of medical cover. Our plans are therefore enhanced with vision and dental riders, along with Overseas Major Medicals. Yes, when the nation's future leaders go off to college and university, that medical cover from State Insurance Corporation will go right along with them. This affords parents and guardians a stress-free period while the youngsters need to be away, and we are obliged to remind you of the dangers of stress-related illnesses. The statistics tell the tale. Over the years, we have been privy to changes in the symptoms and illnesses that present in individuals from the very young to maturity, and those who proceed further into golden and platinum years. Armed with such data, we have enhanced our policies to suit these dynamics. However, sensitive to challenges posed to the purchasing power of many, we have worked diligently with our Actuaries to impress upon them the need to meet and partner with clients along the way.


State Insurance listens and responds to the calls. Here is what one satisfied policy-holder had to say:


"I've been a policy holder with State Insurance for over nine years. I had an accident which required me to have surgery. But I wasn't worried because I was insured with State Insurance. Within two days, I obtained funds to assist me. I was so impressed with the level of efficiency and fast, dependable cover that I signed my son up for both Life and Health Insurance." Travis Burton


So while we assist you in taking care of your health, it is prudent to secure Life Insurance. Leave nothing to chance. Invest in one of our offers. As you may be aware, we pride ourselves on being creative and innovative. Ask about our 20-Pay Life, a Life Policy where you pay for only 20 years! And, a portion of the proceeds are actually paid to the Life Assured after a qualifying period. The Beneficiary claims the balance on death of the insured. Now, is this a win-win situation or what?


Of course, there's more.

Homeowners, your turn: Your home, possibly be your single most expensive investment; is it worthy of proper insurance protection? When you negotiate that loan, we will cover it for you - Term Life for mortgage protection. We agree, with a loan, insurance is mandatory, but doesn't it also offer the all-important element of peace of mind? Contentment is paramount for wellness and good health, and because it is important to you, it is priority for us. And we do offer something extra by extending this policy to a Term Life With Bonus; another way of demonstrating how we have taken your concerns on board; a way of demonstrating our commitment to provide quality service when and where needed.



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Visit us on upper Redcliffe Street or arrange for us to visit you at home or at your office. We are intent on making you comfortable; another facet of Good Health, so permit us a little licence here: If you think optimum health is expensive, try sickness. And Life after Mortgage … Never go unprotected. Remember: well-being! Peace of mind! Comfort! Don't compromise on these. They play a huge role in the quality of our later years. And while the exercise pattern may continue with walking, jogging, backyard gardening, etc., remain well covered with one of our Life policies. They include Participating Whole Life and Non-Participating Whole Life. Then comes the inevitable. So empower yourself! Dispel the anxiety when adequate preparations have not been made for a loved one's passing, or maybe an untimely death. Don't delay; purchase a Funeral Grant Plus today. Come grow with us along a progressive path to full insurance protection and optimum serenity – a priceless quality in a world of uncertainties.

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